Rounding the bend

The project is moving forward and I'm very, very happy with the content that we we able to get over the past several months including an interview with Alan Doyle. He was in town to do a concert on George Street and took the time out of his busy schedule to meet up with me for a chat. I don't know Alan well myself but I was very impressed with his willingness to give credit where credit is due. He was so forthcoming and eager to talk about his experience and memories of Jim. Below is a snippet from the interivew.

I'm also delighted to have interviews with Colleen Power, Dave Panting, Freddie and Arthur from the Naviagators, Mike Hanrahan, Shawn Silver, MacInnis' Kitchen, The Mudmen, Shawn Fulford, Harry Stone, Andrew Badcock (Jim's brother), Helen from Colorado. All contributed greatly! Just a few more to go and we'll have all of the content in the can. 

We have a very special guest who will be gracing us with his video presence and that's Eddy Grant! It's a long story but we've become friends with Eddy and he and Jim share a great deal with regards to music and have a similar view of the world. Eddy was a big influence on Jim as he was developing as a musician. So we are thrilled that he will be a part of the project.

I'm very excited about this and very proud of what is now in the basket. Now it's time to put it together in an engaging and cohesive way for you, the audience!  

Thank you for tuning in and please let me know if you would like any further information.


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Lights, Camera, Action!

Well, things are rolling along and we've had a very productive summer. We travelled to Halifax and it was great for Jim to plant his feet on his old stomping ground. We met up with some old friends from the School for the blind, two of which will be featured in the film - Sheila MacKenzie and musician Terry Kelly. We had a great time and it was good to rekindle friendships around the fire with some cool bevvys!

Jim was invited to play at a festival in St. Pierre, The Rock and Rhum Festival and it was a blast! The organizers of the festival were amazing (thank you Fred). They put us up in a beautiful new hotel on the top floor with a huge deck that overlooked the ocean and St. Pierre. What a treat! We have made many good friends in St. Pierre over the years and you will see some of them in the film. Below is a little segment of Jim talking about St. Pierre.

Well, Bon Voyage for now! The film is coming along, pebble by pebble!

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