The Jim Fidler Story


In 1973 at the age of 9, Jim lost his sight and had to leave his Newfoundland home to attend the School for the Blind  in Halifax. Before leaving, he reached out  to his favorite children's entertainer, Uncle Bobby, who flew from Toronto to Newfoundland to interview him for a national television program.

In the interview little Jimmy directs  his voice to those listening and says: “Just because you’re blind  doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.”  That is the philosophy that  would guide his life from then on.

This is a story of a boy who faced  a huge challenge, embraced it and by doing so was able to  inspire others.

The film  is infused with Jim's   original music and features other musicians including:   Alan Doyle, Terry Kelly, Darrell Power, Sean McCann, Colleen Power, Dave Panting, Scott Graham, Eamonn Dillon (Nashville), McGuiness Kitchen (Minnesota), Lindsay Ferguson (Switzerland), The Mudmen (Ontario), and more!

Listen to audio pieces and and an  interview with CBC Radio One's Weekend Arts Magazine here. Have a look at a few video snippets of our guests here.   Please subscribe so that we can keep you up-to-date!



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